Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Review

The hardest part of any home is keeping it clean and keeping allergens out. For some families who have those furry, four-legged family members, it’s even harder to do so. All of that dirt and hair gets stuck in the machines and clogs up your everyday vacuum cleaner. Dirt collects on taller ceiling fans and in those pesky, hard to reach corners of the house and even on the ceilings. Even with those fancy, expensive accessories that other name brand vacuum cleaners come with, those spots can be difficult to reach, difficult to clean, and difficult to keep clean. Add to that a transition from carpet to hardwood or tiled floors, and most machines simply aren’t compatible with our lifestyles anymore. However, The Shark Navigator Lift-Away pro vacuum cleaner easily solves each problem outlined above!

Whom Is This product Designed for?

This product is suitable for any home, and even more so for these everyday cleaning needs:

-Pet owners

-Homes with stairs

-Multi-floored homes

-Homes with tall ceilings

-Owners who are looking for a more light-weight cleaning tools.

Design and Features

The Shark Navigator Lift-away pro has a great number of included accessories and user-friendly features. Accessories included are a dusting brush for those pesky dust collecting spots, 5.5” crevice tool to reach those corners, and a bonus 24” crevice tool for even the tallest edges of your rooms. The cleaning path width is a nice 9.25 inches. The convenient dust cup holds 1.2 dry quarts before having to be removed and emptied, meaning fewer trips to the trash bin for emptying. The hose length is 5 feet long before attachments. The Brushroll shut off button helps you switch the vacuum from carpeted floors to bare floors with an easy flick of a finger. Dust-away hard floor attachments with microfiber pads pick up debris and dust floors. A premium pet power brush picks up pet hair and gets ground in dirt.

The lifetime HEPA filter reduces allergens. An extension wand and an 8” crevice tool can be found in the Shark accessory selection. For convenience and quick access, a tool holder is included as well as an accessory storage bag to help you store your accessories together in one location. A turbo brushes for upholstery and carpeted stairs to get pet hair and deep dirt.


The performance of this model is an easy five piece click assembly and location for a few tools like the dusting brush and a crevice tool. The lightweight Lift away section clicks onto the base with a quick click. If you have a larger home you can invest in a larger dust cup. The cup empties cleanly every time, just dump the dirt and debris in the trash. You will be shocked to see what your other devices have been leaving behind in your carpet. The excellent suction and easy movement of this vacuums swivel head maneuvers with just the twist of your wrist will astound you. With its adjustable suction, this model makes cleaning smaller area rugs easy without the frustration of the rugs being pulled up from the floor over and again.The HEPA filter door is found on the front of the device and comes with every model.

The 30-foot power cord lets you reach more of your space than the shorter power cords on the market. For users that can not lift more than 10 pounds will be able to use the lift-away section easily every time they need to clean, giving more independent use. Bags for most vacuums will run you into hundreds of dollars a year, the Shark Navigator lift-away will be a smart investment and save you hundreds every year.

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 30-foot power cord.

 Washable felt and sponge filters makes maintenance easy.

 Small on storage space makes it easy to store away for later.


 Easy assembly in 5 click pieces.

 Both carpet and bare floors.

 Adjustable suction for cleaning area rugs.

 large dust cup.

Final Verdict

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro is one-third of the price of all other popular competitors, making this machine the easiest investment yet for a fraction of the price. The Lift-Away 2-in-1 suction handles the transition from carpet to bare floors seamlessly, and with its adjustable suction makes cleaning area rugs easier than ever before. Hands down, this vacuum is the best investment you can make to help keep your home clean and allergen free, no matter the size of your household.






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