Dyson v6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Review

The vacuum cleaning world is changing, and it is one in which cords are no longer needed! Gone are the days of tangling yourself up in cords, or trying to find the nearest and most appropriate power outlet. The Dyson V6 Animal is leading the way when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaning technology. It offers the same powerful cleaning capabilities of its larger counterparts, but with much more ease and convenience.

It is lightweight and can be used to perform a quick and effective clean with the simple squeeze of a trigger. This battery powered vacuum cleaner has great maneuverability and will clean even the most hard to reach places courtesy of the long stick arm. It looks so sleek and elegant that you will want to have it on display and use it just for fun!

Who can use the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

• Anyone looking for a lightweight, maneuverable design.

• Those who are after a ready-to-go vacuum for a quick clean.

• Slightly younger or older users who may struggle with a larger, more cumbersome vacuum cleaner.

• Those who like the versatility of converting the vacuum cleaner to a small hand-held cleaner.

Design and Features

The best feature of the Dyson V6 Animal is its ability to reach difficult places without having to drag a cord behind you, or constantly unplug the cord only to plug it in again at a closer outlet. It offers complete coverage from floor to ceiling thanks to the long stick handle and is easy to maneuver above your waist because the center of gravity is located near the handle-grip.The ‘on trigger’ is located in the handle-grip and you can start the vacuum cleaner instantly with a simple squeeze – no need to fuss about plugging in a cord. This easy-squeeze trigger is also designed to help preserve the battery as the vacuum cleaner will only use the battery when you are actually using the vacuum to clean.

The battery will last around 20 minutes, and we feel this is a reasonable time to clean a few rooms or a small apartment, especially with Dyson's incredible sucking powers! Unfortunately, this is not enough time to clean a large house and the slightly smaller capacity of the dirt container will also prevent whole house cleaning. Despite this, the several included attachments and lightweight feel make up for this and will ensure you can reach all those tricky spots on every surface quickly and easily. These attachments include a full-sized motorized attachment, a small motorized attachment, a crevice tool, a combination tool, and a small semi-crevice tool to ensure no tiny bit of dirt or dust is left behind.

We also like that the stick can be removed, meaning you can convert the vacuum to a simple hand-held cleaner that is great for a quick clean of the car or sofa. Also included is the charging dock which provides more than just the opportunity to recharge the battery – it is also a convenient place to store the vacuum cleaner out of the way when not in use (although the aesthetic design means you may want to have it out on show!)

Cleaning Power

The vacuum cleaner will remove dirt that has been ground into your carpet as well as stubborn dust due to the powerful Dyson digital motor and 2-Tier Radial Cyclones. The Direct-drive cleaning works hard to dig bristles deep into your carpet to optimize cleaning power and remove stubborn dirt and pet hair. The vacuum cleaner is very versatile and works just as effectively on fine dust and dirt left on hard floor surfaces. In fact, it has 75% more brush bar power than its competitors, including the Dyson V6 Cord-free Vacuum.

The fact that you can attach a variety of different heads means that all surfaces and spaces are able to be efficiently cleaned. The long stick allows you to reach above you to clean your ceiling and remove any pesky cobwebs that are lingering in the corners of your room.

Is This the Vacuum Cleaner for You?

If you are looking for a quality vacuum from the most trusted brand in the industry, then the Dyson V6 Animal is what you are looking for. If you frequently find yourself wanting to give your home a quick clean or live in a small apartment, then the Dyson Animal V6 will suit your needs nicely. If you find yourself constantly tangled in cords, or find that no power outlet is available near enough to the area you wish to clean, this cordless stick vacuum cleaner is perfect to alleviate those issues.

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 The cordless feature means to more tangled cords.

 The long stick means you can clean hard to reach places.

 The many included attachments has all your cleaning needs covered.

 Dyson is a known and trusted brand.

 The docking station means that the vacuum cleaner charges as its stored and is always ready to use.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Dyson V6 Animal is a versatile and easy to use vacuum cleaner. It offers enough power to remove stubborn dirt, fine dust and pet hair from all surfaces, and will look great whilst doing it! The variety of attachments and its ability to be converted to a hand-held device allows it to be incredibly useful, and it can be used by just about anybody! It isn't suitable for cleaning the whole house at once due to its short battery life and small dirt container, but it is perfect for a quick touch up whenever you need to! Having read our Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Review, you have nothing left to do but go out a buy one for yourself! Check Latest Offer At Amazon.

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