BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Corded Vacuum Review

If you have pets, small children and messy adults in your house and have bare floors then this lightweight Bissell PowerEdge vacuum cleaner is definitely for you.

Most stick vacuums have something called a power brush which although effective, does have a habit of pushing and blowing the dirt around before it gets sucked up.

That's definitely not the case with the Bissell. It has a specially designed V shaped head with rubber sweepers on the outer arms of the V which direct the hair and dirt into the center where the greatest suction is.

Whom Is This Product Designed For?

* Pet owners

* Anyone who has bare floors in their home

* People with beach side homes or who live on dirt roads

* Anyone who has small children or babies as it can easily be used one handed

Design and Features

The BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Vacuum easily cleans up debris along edges and in tight spaces. While the V shaped head pushes larger debris into the center, the outer arms pick up any small particles of dirt. For this reason, there's no need for a turbo brush or attachments.The little rubber sweepers are hair-attracting which means that they collect way more hair than just suction alone.The V shaped head also swivels which allows for much easier maneuvering around furniture and it will even collect dust from around the legs of chairs and tables.

The vacuum head has a low profile which means its easier to clean under the edges of furniture as well.Due to its lightweight, slim design this vacuum can easily be used one handed which is handy if you've got a small baby who likes to be carried all day long.Being bagless, the dirt cup is easy to empty and mess free. The filters can be easily cleaned and the cloth filters can be washed.The vacuum has a 20 foot power cord so no need to wait for the battery to charge as is the case with a lot of other stick vacuum cleaners.


It might be small and lightweight but this machine has amazing suction power. It will suck up hair and dirt from about 4 inches in front and suck the dirt right out from the edges of the room and along the base boards.With its clever design and absence of a beater brush head the dirt gets efficiently sucked up rather than being blown and pushed around.

It's really important to empty the dust cup regularly and also to clean the filters as these will fill up quickly due to the amazing amount of dust this machine picks up.

Why Should You Buy Bissell PowerEdge Vacuum Cleaner ?

If you have pets and bare floors including hardwood you would be well aware of the amount of dust, pet hair and dirt that accumulates on a daily basis.

The Bissell PowerEdge will make keeping your floors clean easy and effortless even if you need to use it on a daily basis.You can just plug it in and zoom around your floors in no time. Empty the dust cup, rinse out the filters and your cleaning is done!

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 Easily cleans around furniture legs with the swivel head.

 Especially designed for hard floors but can also be used on low pile rugs.

 Collect more pet hair with the hair-attracting rubber sweeper than suction alone.

 Easily pulls hair from around furniture legs on chairs and tables.

 It's very lightweight so can be used one handed if necessary.

 The dust cup is easy to empty without mess.

 Picks up every bit of dust along the baseboards.

 The head is low profile so it fits under the edges of furniture.

Final Verdict:

So if you have a houseful of pets and small children and like to keep your hardwood floors clean you should definitely consider the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Vacuum. You'll find it a breeze to use and your house will be cleaner than ever before.

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