Best Vacuum for Tile Floors of 2017

We hope you understand already that a vacuum which is excellent on carpeted floors is often a disaster on tile floors. The brushes used with vacuums for carpet floors are ill-equipped for sensitive floor tiles that scratch easily, look worn quickly, and need some TLC to come up shiny after a cleaning.

The best vacuum for tile floors isn't necessarily the most impressive brand or the one carrying the highest price. It is the product offering a combination of features that helps the homeowner keep their kitchen, bathroom and other floors looking like new with the minimum of fuss.

Things to Consider; When choosing The best Vacuum for Tile Floors

A good tile vacuum suits the environment it is used in. Does your home contain a mixture of floors; some carpet, tile or stone?

  • The best vacuum for tile floors is going to be a product which is just as good in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen; the tiles might not be the same type, but both need a gentler touch from a specialized vacuum cleaner.
  • For hard floors, do you know the type fitted in your home? Reflective glazed tiles are easier ones to clean than other tile types. With quarry tiles, for instance, these have stubborn lines, formed up as a grid, that collect grime and dirt over time. Removing the accumulated detritus requires a vacuum with a wash option to disinfect and remove dirt as it cleans.
  • The wheels are also surprisingly relevant too. For tile floors, slippery wheels see a vacuum sliding across the floor uncomfortably. Rubber wheels designed to be non-slip will hold their position far better than plastic ones that scratch tiles quicker.

Buying Advice

It's hard to find a vacuum cleaner that will be suitable for every floor in the home. It is important to be careful when shopping for a vacuum and ask the question: will it work on all the floor surfaces in my home?

  • Is there are a power point near where you wish to clean or do you already own a power strip with a long enough cord to let a corded vacuum reach every room in the home?
  • Is a steam cleaner feature a desirable option with a vacuum product? Some products     clean floors and steam them at the same time. These product types save money versus     bringing in a specialized steam cleaning firm to perform the service for you ?

Above all, consider your needs carefully to ensure you purchase the right vacuum for your needs.

Top 10 Tile Vacuum Overview Chart

5 Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviews

1.Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner

Dyson claims that this product can collect more dust and microscopic dirt than any of its competitors without the loss of suction due to its cyclone technology. Similarly, the Radial Root Cyclone technology has had the airflow remodeled and this maximizes the overall suction power of the device. The ease of use is another appealing feature of this product. It is exceptionally easy to maneuver, offers a high-level of control and is lightweight.The pivot point allows you to move around your home effortlessly.

​This vacuum features a trigger head button on the handle of the device. This means you do not have to bend down to adjust the vacuum when you switch from carpets to tiled or hardwood floors. Maintaining this vacuum is also very easy. As there are no bags, you do not need to worry about changing bags and creating mess.

The bin is clear so you can easily see when it is ready for emptying. Also, the lifetime filters will never need replacing. You can simply wash them and then reattach to your vacuum. The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum comes with extra tools to ensure you can clean all areas of your home. The stair tool is ideal for stairs and cleaning upholstery. The combination tool has a nozzle for reaching into tricky areas and then converts to a brush tool that is perfect for dusting. Finally, the ball engineering on this vacuum significantly reduces the noise level. Vacuuming is one of the noisiest cleaning tasks, so any reduction in noise levels is a bonus.

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Q: Is a Dyson DC39 the best vacuum for tile floors?

A: That depends on your personal requirements. It is an excellent vacuum for the money.

Q: Is it easy to move it around the floor?

A: The tighter turning radius is better with the latest generation of Dyson vacuums. It is a full-size vacuum, so it is a little heavier when carrying it up and down stairs.

Q: Wasn't the inventor the first to come out with a bagless, cyclonic vacuum?

A: Yes, he was. He began a whole new way of thinking about how vacuum cleaners should be designed.

Q: Does this cleaner vacuum for tile floors as well as carpets or rugs?

A: The multi-floor model is perfect for different floor types throughout the home

2.BISSELL PowerEdge Corded Vacuum, 81 L2A

This slim line model of vacuum has a unique suction section. It is V-shaped in design. While the points of the V suck up the smaller debris, the larger debris is forced into the center of the V. The unusual shape is also perfect for vacuuming around the corners of furniture and into the corners of a room. The swivel head helps with the ease of vacuuming. 

​There is no need for any attachments or brushes with this device.The power of the suction and the unusual design eliminates the need for any accessories. As a result, you can get on with your cleaning without stopping to add or switch tools.

 It is particularly good at sucking up pet hair, so this is a good option for pet owners its perfect for using on all types of floors. Whether you are vacuuming long-pile, short-pile, hardwood or tiles, you will get the same excellent results and a floor that is dust and debris free. As this vacuum is so lightweight, it is easy to carry around the home and move from cleaning one type of floor to another.The 20-foot power cord provides you with excellent reach without the need to keep changing sockets as you clean different rooms. The dirt-cup is also easy to empty making the whole process of cleaning your floors quicker and simpler.

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Q: Is the product usable on carpeted floors or rugs?

A: The cyclonic suction is impressively powerful on hard floors like tile or wooden ones. Cleaning along the edge of the floors is particularly impressive.

Q: Is the suction power sufficient to pull up pet hair from all over my home?

A: It does. The design effectively tunnels dirt and dust into the central suction point without the need for vacuum attachments.

A: The BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum tends to be far less effective on these types of surfaces. You can try it on them, but this model is designed primarily for hard floors

3.Hoover Floor Mate Deluxe FH40160PC

If your floors are predominantly tiled or hardwood, then this might be a better option for you than a traditional vacuum as it is specifically designed for cleaning these types of floors. This device has Spin Scrub Brushes that safely and gently clean vinyl, sealed wood, grout and tile. It also features a dual tank that keeps the clean and dirty water separate This prevents the dirty water getting mixed up and being reused on the floor. There are different modes for washing and drying. When the device is in wash mode, the brushes clean while excess water sucked back into the machine. 

​During drying mode, the brushes stop to allow any remaining water to be sucked up and improve drying time. To deal with stains and tricky cleaning spots, there is a fingertip clean boost control that allows you to apply detergent to the affected areas, such as those with heavy footfall. As this vacuum weighs less than 14 pounds, it is relatively and easy to use.

You can even carry it up and down the stairs easily to clean all areas of your home. All the parts on this model are easy to remove and clean as and when you need to do so. This includes the tanks, the brush and the nozzle. All you need to do with each of these parts is remove, rinse and then reattach.

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 Ever found dirty water leaking onto the floor while vacuuming? The dual tanks with the Hoover FloorMate avoid this problem entirely.

 Wash mode, with brushes to clean the hard floor while extracting water.

 The dry mode didn't use brushes and focused directly on suctioning all remaining water up from the floor to make it safe to walk on.

 The brushes scrub dirty grout back to its original condition.

 Vacuum vinyl, wood and tile floors successfully with this single solution.

 A touch of a button adds more detergent for tougher floor stains.

 Brush, nozzle, and both water tanks are easy to remove, clean and refit

4.Hoover Hardwood FloorMate Corded- FH4001OB

If you have tile, vinyl or hardwood floors, then this is a good option as the SpinScrub brushes safely and gently clean these types of floor. It will even improve the appearance of the grout. The counter-rotating brushes wash and scrub the floor from all angles. There are three modes you can use with this model. The first is for simple vacuuming of the floors. The second allows you to wash the floors. The final mode is for drying areas you have washed. You choose the mode by using a simple dial.

The Dual Tank Technology means that the dirty and clean water are kept separate, giving your floor a thorough clean. You will never put dirty water back on the floor. Some areas of your floor may become dirtier than others and these areas need special attention. When you need to clean areas with heavy traffic or spots with stains, you can use the simple fingertip control clean boost. This allows you to apply additional detergent to these areas to deal with the problem.

The nozzles and brushes are easily removable and this is ideal for quick and simple cleaning. Storage is not a problem either as the handle flips down to reduce the amount of storage space needed for this device.

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Q: Is assembly required before I can use this model?

A: It takes about 10 minutes to complete the assembly.

Q: Can I throw away my mop and bucket now?

A: Yes! The use of dual water containers means clean water washes the floor and dirty water is kept separate when each section of the floor is cleaned. A far more efficient process than possible with the old mop and bucket.

5.BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop, Blue

Steam mops are a great alternative to vacuums if you have a tiled floor and the BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is one of the best available on the market. One of the most appealing features of this steam mop is that it doesn’t just give a clean appearance to your floor, it also removes over 99 per cent of harmful bacteria. This means it is a fantastic option for cleaning areas where hygiene is especially important. The built-in easy scrubber means it cleans floors twice as fast as its competitors. The scrubber is a flip-down element of the design and is great for cleaning tough areas, grout, dried on spill and sticky spots.

​The steam control is variable using a smart set digital device. This allows you to customize your cleaning by releasing low, medium or high amounts of steam depending on the task you are completing. This steam mop uses no chemicals, just water. You can refill the tank prior to cleaning or top up even when it is in use.

The water tank is located at the top of the steam mop for easy refilling. Not only is this device lightweight, the ergonomic design means it is very easy to use. The shape of the handle and the soft grip means that even using this model for long periods will not cause discomfort.

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Q: Can the mop be used on hardwood flooring too?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: How long do I have to wait before the mop has heated up and is ready for use.

A: It takes only about one minute for sufficient steam to be generated to take the mop out for a spin.

Q: Can I use cleaning chemicals with this product?

A: Only water should be used otherwise the internal parts of the mop may become damaged

Final Verdict

The Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for tile floors. It can clean different floor types without one needing to own multiple vacuums.With pets in the home, a dedicated pet hair vacuum is a better choice. For a dedicated steam clean mop with the most options, the Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop with its Febreeze disc inserts is best.

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